Sunday, December 17, 2017

Radio - Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Tonight's show features the second installment of Nick Smash's look at the post punk scene in Toronto. We also will get to a top 10 for December. And Sanction A from Montreal in our demo feature. Listen to the show on the player above or download an MP3 here.

TXAKOLY CONFLICT - Bombas (MRHC / A.R. Punk Antirepresivo)

Nick Smash's post punk look at Toronto, part 2
KILLING JOKE - Intro live at Larry's Hideaway / Chop Chop (EG / Malicious Damage)
RHEOSTATICS - Suburb Shuffle (Live at Mowatt High School)
RENT BOYS INC. - Happy Birthday David
SUCCESS WITHOUT COLLEGE - Not sure of the title (Self-Released)
THE V-NECKS - Sand Overdose
YOUNG LIONS - Freedom Fighter
GOSPEL SHOPPE - Jesus in Drag
DIREKTIVE 17 - Between the Lines
POLKAHOLICS - Statue of Liberty
MARK MALIBU AND THE WASAGAS - Wasaga Run '81 (Self-Released)
BIG DEAL - Movie Star (Smash Tapes)
DIATRIBE - Rocksteady Radio (Sounds of the Street)
DEADLINES - I'm You (Live, opening up for Killing Joke in 1982)

ACRYLICS - Structure (Drunken Sailor) 
THE UGLIES - Living Failure (No Patience)
MYAKKA - False
VILE SPIRIT - Can't Relate (Quality Control HQ)
NUERA - CÌrculos
THE DRAINS - New Pills (More Power Tapes)
THE BRAIN - Mind Over Matter
RUBBER - Death Head

MACHINE GUN - Snake in the Grass (Even Worse)
ISOTOPE - Wake Up Screaming 
DISINFECTANT - This Man is for the Birds (Self-Released) 
LOS HUAYCOS - Bonification (En Tu Kara) 
KOENIGSTEIN YOUTH - Parasites (Kawaii / Emergence / When the Dead Twice / Under Siege / Tranzophobia / Positively Negative)

Top 10 - December 2017
10. ISS - The Government is After Me (State Laughter / Erste Theke Tontrager)
9. CHANNEL 3 - Model Citizen (Self-Released)
8. ASS LIFE - Firebomb the Warehouse Party (Self-Released)
7. NO SKIN ìPaying the Fineî - Neck Deep (Give Praise)
6. ZELLOTS - On the Dole (Supreme Echo)
5. DIVA CUP - Intro - Cycle - Artificial (Minimal Care)
SHORT ORDER - Fuck Your Safe Space (Minimal Care)
4. PROM NITE - Eternity of Man (Barfbag)
3. CONDITION - Subjugated Fate (Iron Lung)
2. RASHOMON - New Horizon (Society Bleeds)
1. PISS - Ignorant And Destructive (Static Age)

Demo Feature
SANCTION A is a new band from Montreal that we found out about on SHEXD. You can download their demo at bandcamp.

SANCTION A - Religious Fraud (Self-Released)
SANCTION A - Sacrifice (Self-Released)
SANCTION A - Sullivan (Self-Released)
SANCTION A - Plain (Self-Released)
SANCTION A - Isolation (Self-Released)
SANCTION A - Cross and Crown (Self-Released)
SANCTION A - Destitution (Self-Released)
SANCTION A - Murder (Self-Released)

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