Tuesday, November 28, 2017

System System studio 3 session

System System are a three piece from Hamilton featuring members of Sick of Shit and former members of Black Eyes Club, where the band's name comes from, to Gunnar Hansen, Never Trust, the Invertebrates, Dismantle, SoniCrime, and others. The band features Nate on guitars and vocals, Jon on bass, and Grant on drums. The weather outside was warm but the heaters inside were working over time so the space was hot. The band set about recording the following songs:

1. Through the Window
2. F for Effort
3. High Fives and Shotguns
4. Everyday
5. Voluntary Confinement
6. Zero Light Emission
7. Spectre
8. Home Sweet Home / My Problem

10. EXD ID

We also did an interview with the band. 

The session was recorded by Ian Wilkinson. 

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