Sunday, March 22, 2009

Radio - Sunday, March 22, 2009

THE SICK NEEDS - Free Ride (No Vynil)

BLATZ - Homemade Speed (Alternative Tentacles)
SPITBOY - Touch (Allied Recordings)
DISGUSTING BODY - Harassment (Self-Released)
DISHRAGS - Love is Shit (Jem Records)
RISE ABOVE - No Pain No Gain (Stand as One)

THE BUZZCOCKS - Orgasm Addict (Virgin)
BAD BRAINS - Pay to Cum (Rhino)
YOUTH OF TODAY - Youth Crew (Revelation)
CRO-MAGS - Street Justice (Eurobray)
RITES OF SPRING - Hains Point (Dischord)

RUSTED DAWN - Battletoads (Self-Released)
INEPSY - We are Here to Climb (Feral Ward)
HARD CHARGER - Blazing Muskets (No List)
NIGHTBRINGER - Death of Heather Gods (CIUT)

VICTIMS - Who the Fuck Are We ? (Havoc)
TERMINAL STATE - Sick (Deranged)
CEREMONY - Plutocratc Swing Vote (Bridge 9)
LIVING DARKNESS - Fits / Waking Nightmare (High Anxiety)
IN TIME - For the Last Time (Notion)

ABLE DANGER - Broken Home (Feral Kid)
H100s - No Patience (S.Y.G.)
A.V.O. - Broken (Even Worse / Kangaroo)
VILE NATION - Society is Shit (Even Worse / Kangaroo)
STATE - Bleeding Heart (Punks Before Profits)
PICKED ON - Suicide Pact, You Go First (Self-Released)

SHUTDOWN - Hope (Lost and Found)
CHAMPION - One Sixteen (Bridge 9)
RISKY BUSINESS - Some Days (Rock Vegas)
DANCE ELECTRIC - Us vs. Them (Self-Released)
CURSED - Clocked In. Punched Out (Goodfellow)

FILTH - Night of Rage (Alternative Tentacles)
NO SLOGAN - Dead (Residue)
THE BLACKOUT BRIGADE - Evil (Insurgence Records)
GNAR SESH - Why We Skate (Self-Released)
EMPTY GRAVE - Monotony (Absent)

Demo Feature
DURESS - Hate Fucking Hate (Self-Released)
DURESS - Grade Me (Self-Released)
DURESS - Guilt (Self-Released)
DURESS - Asshole (Self-Released)
DURESS - Untitled (Self-Released)
DURESS - Guilty Mind (Self-Released)
DURESS - B.B. (Self-Released)
A.N.S. - Locals Only (Gnarly Slaughter)

RUNNAMUCKS - Untouchable (Gnarly Slaughter)

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