Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take One for the Team / Forever Annihilating the Obese ep

Take One for the Team were from Ottawa. They released this split on their own Sir Punkly records. Their side was recorded back in 2007. The songs on their side of the split include:

1. Lane Drain
2. Not so Fine Grind
3. Find Them and Bill them
4. Leave the Fun to Us
5. Man on Thin Ice Photographing Young Boy on Motorcycle
6. Segway Circle Pit
7. Doom Buggy
8. Capital Breakdown
9. Smiles are Typical

F.A.T.O. are from Oshawa. They recorded their side in the Summer of 2008. the songs on their side are:
1. Labour of Hate
2. Bile
3. Five Years
4. Hearing Aids
5. Cookie Cutter

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