Monday, May 25, 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

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Guest Host Greg from Stuck in the City

DYS - City to City (X-Claim!)

URBAN BLIGHT - Urban Blight (Deranged)
BORED STIFF - My Home Town (Unreleased)
LEFT FOR DEAD - A Nice Place to Raise Children (Deranged)
RIOT 99 - Destroy the City (CIUT)
GERM ATTAK - Burn The City (MCR Company)

ALONE IN A CROWD - Is Anybody There ? / Commitment (Contrast)
DISCHARGE - Protest and Survive (Clay)
ANTIDOTE - Something Must be Done
CHOKEHOLD - Content With Dying (Bloodlink)

BREAK DOWN - Labelled (Dead Serious)
ABOUT TO SNAP - Songs 1 – 3 (Specimen 32)
KEEP IT UP - Check Yourself / United Party (Feelin’ It)
THE FIRST STEP - As It Is (Rivalry)
URBAN BLIGHT - What Can be Done (Slasher)

RAH - Peace of Mind (Chez Ogilvie)
NO WARNING - Too Much to Bare (Self-Released)
COKE BUST - Fuck Bar Culture / Priviledged (Third Party)

DISCO ASSAULT - Can’t Tell No One (Unreleased)

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