Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday, June 28, 2009

RUMOURS – Eels Blind (Self-Released)
LIMP WRIST - Punk Ass Queers (Lengua Armada)
INFECT - Homofobia (Commitment)
SEEIN RED - Homophobia (Peculio Discos)
MUKILTEO FAIRIES - Oly Latent Boys (Outpunk)
MDC - Dead Cops / America’s So Straight (R Radical)
DOOM - Claustrophobia (Rugger Bugger)
BLACK ANGEL’S DEATH SONG - Brothers and Sisters (Outpunk)
SUBMISSIVES - Submissive for your Love (Honest Don’s)
TURBONEGRO – Back to Dungaree High (Boomba)

DICKS - Off Duty Sailor (Alternative Tentacles)
3 - Dark Days Coming (Dischord)
SCREECHING WEASEL - I Wanna Be a Homosexual (Lookout)
DICKIES - Going Homo (Captain Oi!)
SKINJOB - Hands in the Air (Bongo Beat)
PANSY DIVISION - Smells Like Queer Spirit (Lookout)

GO! - Fear of a Gay Planet (Epistrophy)
BIG BOYS - Hollywood Swinging (Touch n Go)
THE HOMOSEXUALS - Neutron Lover (Messthetics)
HUSKER DU - Love is All Around (SST)
THE HAGGARD - Profesora de gimnasia (Desviados)
ANTI-PRODUCT - Modern Day F-Word (Tribal War)
TRIBE 8 - Lezbophobia (Outpunk)

Studio 3 Session
RUMOURS - Socialization Worker (CIUT)
RUMOURS - Eels Blind (CIUT)
RUMOURS - Interview (CIUT)

Demo Feature
BAD CHOICE - intro (Self-Released)
BAD CHOICE - Lash Out (Self-Released)
BAD CHOICE - Dezerter (Self-Released)
BAD CHOICE - BDS (Self-Released)
BAD CHOICE - Get Together (Self-Released)

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