Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Immoral Squad “Damned” CD

Holy shit. A new recording from IMMORAL SQUAD in 2009. The band originally formed back in 1992 and released an ep titled “Result of Human Greed” and a split with UNION OF URANUS, which is probably what they are better known for. They also had a bunch of comp songs, but basically the band broke up in 1996 and a discography came out on Doomsday Machine Records basically announcing the end. They grew out of a scene made up with HUMAN GREED, SHITFIT, ONE EYED GOD PROPHECY, and a slew of others that were documented on a comp titled “Quebec Crusade for Auditive Savagery Proliferation”. This was the days when crust and grind were coming together and some of the band members went on to form such a band known as INERTIA KILLS. A decade later the band reforms with the drummer from DAHMER and this Quebec City five piece take a couple of years to write this monster of a release. It’s very New York Hawdcore sounding inspired by the ghosts of AGNOSTIC FRONT, the CRO MAGS, SLAPSHOT, and the like. They did do a cover for a NEGATIVE APPROACH comp a long time ago so the NYHC appreciation is not so hard to imagine. And there is a song on here about “Brotherhood”, but the singer, Vincent, reminds me a little of Max’s vocals who was the singer of SHITFIT. The slight gargle on the vocals works for this tough sound. I can’t believe this release has come out of a band out of commission for the last decade. (Choking Hazard Records – - SP

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