Thursday, June 11, 2009

Class War Kids, the “Reflection! Rage! Rebellion!” CD

THE CLASS WAR KIDS play a pop punk charged by hardcore not unlike WEDNESDAY NIGHT HEROES or KNUCKLEHEAD or PROPAGHANDHI or the FALLOUT or HOSTAGE LIFE. The examples in Canada are boundless. And as you listen to “Reflection! Rage! Rebellion!” the songs bleed one into the next which is an old RAMONES trick. Like a military drill sergeant the momentum runs from the politics of food to security culture to economic cheerleading. And it’s all set to sing-a-long choruses which makes for a soundtrack for your social conscious. Bands like this give me hope. Hope for the scene and hope for a chance at a tomorrow. Keep on keeping on. (Rebel Time - 2 - 558 Upper Gage Avenue, Suite 162 / Hamilton, ON / L8V 4J6 / Canada / - SP

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