Friday, June 5, 2009

Various Artists “Vancouver’s Punk as Fuck!, Volume 2” CD

This sequel is equally as engaging as the first with loads of current punk and hardcore bands from the greater Vancouver area. Bands like the REBEL SPELL, IMPEDERS OF PROGRESS, the NEO NASTIES, and the JOLTS that you might have heard before. No disappointments for this lot’s contributions. There are bands like SYSTEM SHIT that recently re-located to the west coast and also deliver the goods. Then there are bands that I have never heard before like the POGS and the REMEDIALS who just blow me away. There is girl group inspired garage punk in bands like the ISOTOPES. There is straight forward driving garage-core like the GUNG HOs. There is stoner rock inspired punk like BISON BC. There is ripping grind like the GOLERS. There is early American hardcore material by CREEPING HAND. Some DAYGLOS inspired drunk core in MR. PLOW. There is catchy melodic punk like JONES BONES. Just loads of different styles of punk for you to check out. Like a great new mixed tape from the northwest coast. (

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