Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Picked On demo

This band kicks the ass live. This demo was recorded in their basement and holy fuck did they tap into a powder keg. The sound on the recording is amazing. Dirty, thrashing drive for the net hardcore. The dual vocals smack you in both ears while a jagged guitar slices at your neck. The demo cover is pretty amazing. A double-sided silk-screened cover glued with toxic rubber cement with a jewel case lining. Amazing disc, fantastic art; makes a holy fuck listening experience. The band features Alain from the BLACK SPOKES on guitar. They play a ripping style of hardcore that is reminiscent of CUT THE SHIT, INFEST, and 9 SHOCKS TERROR. They just broke up but you can contact them at The songs on here are:

1. Snakepit
2. Welcome to Gilead
3. Werewolves in the Hedgerows
4. Suicide pact - You Go First
6. Sure Constable
7. Compliments to the Psychiatric Industry
8. Thanks for the Memories

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