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Sunday, July 19, 2009

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PAINTBOX - Genseki (HG Fact)

SLANG - Ready to Fight (Schizophrenic)
BURIAL - Sworn to No One (HG Fact / Nightmare)
HELLSHOCK - Prisoner (HG Fact)
DESTINO FINAL - Donde Estan? (HG Fact)
FUCKED UP - Two Snakes (HG Fact)

GAUZE -Thrash Thrash Thrash (Selfish)
OUTO - No Way Out (Selfish)
JUDGEMENT – Process (HG Fact)
DEATHSIDE - Live and Live (HG Fact)
PAINTBOX - Fly on the Ship – Cry of the Sheep (HG Fact)
ASSAULT - Stay Away (HG Fact)

GATES - Disillusion (High Society Satanic)
ZADKIEL - Miss Satan (Hold Up)
CITY INDIAN - Shake Your Boots (N.A.C.)

CROW - Flock of the Beast, part 1 (Prank)
NIGHTMARE - Chain Reaction (HG Fact / Hate)
ACUTE - Track 1 (Answer)
CHAOTIX - Meaning (Self-Released)
MARUBULLMEN - Money Grappler (Self-Released)
N.A.N.S. - Youth Name the Times (Answer)
CRUDE - Just Go Ahead (HG Fact)
AGE - Earth Burning Black (HG Fact)
FLOW - 34 (Discrete)

GOATWORSHIPPER - The Invocation (Dan-Doh)
GLOOM - Morbid Education (MCR Company)
D-CLONE - Here is the Will (Mouse)
DEATH DUST EXTRACTOR - Tomorrow / Horrendous (Crust War)

THE CLAY - The Demilitarized Neutrality (Dogma)
DEADLESS MUSS - Border (Selfish)
FRIGORIA - Ett Krig Formel (Overthrow)
LSD - Karen Nash (LSD)

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