Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Keep It Clear ep

With the demise of GO IT ALONE, KEEP IT CLEAR is there to fill the hole of the straight edge scene that STRAIN built. They totally remind me of the FIRST STEP and could easily be on Revelation or Bridge 9 but they kept it DIY, so punk points to them. Actually this may have been released in Europe on Not Just Words records and this is a way to make the ep available here. It’s a great idea. And we benefit because this is amazing ep, even with 8 songs squeezed on it. Even so “Imposter” has one of the longest build ups I have ever heard. Not sure how they were able to pull that off. But the sound quality is large, which means the songs are short. In KEEP IT CLEAR’s case quantity does not impede quality. Think SIDE BY SIDE meets RIGHT BRIGADE and you’ll be on the right track. Keep It Clear – 1637 West 62nd Avenue / Vancouver, BC / V6P 2G1 / Canada / http://www.legitimatebros.com/. Songs on here are:
1. On Our Own
2. Imposter
3. Puppet on a String
4. Way It Is
5. See It My Way
6. The Deal
7. Alone
8. No Punches Pulled

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