Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wadge “Double-Take Hawai’ian Style: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” CD

This one man blast beat grind demolition squad returns with his second Hawaiin themed full length. And the opening song “Cleared for Landing at Honolulu International (Knott’s Landing)” really does sound like one of those kitsch-ie Hawaiin meets surf style garage rock numbers. Keeping in the spirit it is an instrumental. But this window dressing is quickly laid to waste with some over-modulating grindcore. Pfeiff-dawg does go back to the surf garage sound intermittently to keep the theme running. And in some ways I think this is more than a gimmick. I think the surf sound is an homage to b-culture and the marvelous 60’s when beach movies were all the rage and the theremin was being introduced to the western world. Besides who wouldn’t want to work in that creepy space making instrument like the theremin? And the Don Knotts theme is funny especially for those of us who grew up watching re-runs of the Andy Griffith show. And I went and watched the “Apple Dumpling Gang” movie in the theatre so the “Pineapple Dumpling Gang” gag was not lost on me. WADGE continues to stretch the boundaries being at home on a mixed tape with the TIJUANA BIBLES as easily as the NO COMMENT or MAN IS THE BASTARD. Kooky and quirky this full length brings the legacy of Don Knotts into the Hawaiian fascination and makes it seem totally normal. Could a split with Hawaiian grind band MAKUA VALLEY BLAST TEST be far off in the future? (Regurgitated Semen Records – c/o Sandro Gessner / Strasse des Friedens 45 / 07819 Mittelpoellnitz / Germany / - SP

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