Monday, June 28, 2010

Radio - Sunday, June 27, 2010

BEHIND ENEMY LINES – Murder at the G-8 Summit (Tribal War)

MDC – Dead Cops / America’s So Straight (R Radical)
SUBHUMANS – Inquisition Day (Alternative Tentacles)
DISCHARGE – Fight Back (Captain Oi)
BAD RELIGION – Politics (Epitaph)
DEAD KENNEDYS – Riot (Alternative Tentacles)
CONFLICT – The Ungovernable Force (Mortarhate)
BLATZ - Fuk Shit Up (Lookout)
AGAINST ME - Baby, I'm an Anarchist (No Idea)
FIFTEEN - Resolution (Lookout)
BORN AGAINST - Resist Control (Kill Rock Stars)

DOA - Smash The State (Sudden Death)
PROPAGANDHI - Resisting Tyrannical Government (Fat Wreck)
GOVERNMENT ISSUE - Anarchy Is Dead (Dischord)
BLACK FLAG - Spray Paint (SST)

COUNTDOWN TO OBLIVION – Spray P.E.C. (Self-Released)
AK 47 – Dare to Struggle, Dare to Win (Reason)
SEEIN’ RED – The End of the World as We Know It (Peculio Discos)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION – Cops Ain’t Tops (Self-Released)
REPROBATES – Abandoned City (Self-Released)

CHOKING VICTIM - Apple Pie + Police State (Tent City)
YOUNG PIONEERS - We March (Vermiform)
RANDY - Proletarian Hop (Burning Heart/Epitaph)
AGNOSTIC FRONT - Blind Justice (Combat)

RIOT 99 - Destroy The City (Longshot)
MC5 - Kick Out The Jams (Rhino/Elektra)
JERSEY - Class War (Raw Energy)
THE CLASH - Know Your Rights (Bootleg)
MADBALL - Revolt (Ferret)
FUCKED UP - Police (Deranged)

NAPALM HEARTS – Freedom is (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – Out in the Cold (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – Blockade (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – All This and More (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – No Reply (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – Had Enough (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – Expletive Deleted (Self-Released)
NAPALM HEARTS – Guilty by Association (Self-Released)

THE REBEL SPELL – Rebels Sing (Clandestine DIY Collective)
THE FALLOUT – Quebec City (Longshot Music)

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