Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jerk Ward "Too Young to Thrash" LP

This is a collection of a band from Sidney, BC, which is a place on Vacouver Island so it would be associated with the Victoria scene. They were around from 1981 - 1984, but this just came out in 2008 on Supreme Echo. The band was made up of Randy Long on vocals, Steve McBean on guitar and vocals, Julian McClain on bass, and John London on drums. Most of this was recorded on April 7, 1984 at Happy Electric Moosears Studio by Steve Bailey. The band would later become Mission of Christ. The songs on here are:

1. U.F.O.
2. Angry Salmons
3. Blind Hatred
4. Knowledge
5. Flesh & Bones
6. Millions of Dead BMXers
7. Non-Human
8. Accident Prone
9. I Love the Girls
10. Death Inferno
11. Major Threat, Part II
12. I Don't Wanna Fight
13. Inside My Mind
14. F.U. Quincy
15. Rot My Mind
16. I Wanna By Ozzy Osbourne
17. Kill the Pongos

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