Sunday, November 9, 2008

Radio - Sunday, November 9, 2008

BROADCAST ZERO - What they want (Rebel Time)

CONQUEST FOR DEATH - This is our Time – Never Say Die (CD Track 6)
SISTA SEKUNDAN - Jag Eingen ting (Instigate)
BIRDS OF A FEATHER - Goodness / Reclaiming Freewill (Commitment)

SCARED SHOCK - For a Living (Schizophrenic)
NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE - Desensitized (Even Worse)
JEAN MILLS SOCIETY TORCH - Pro Choice (Firestarter)
SOCIALCIDE - Make Me Bleed (Even Worse)
INSTANGD - Skracken (Sorry State)

THE NEW ENEMY - Intermittent Explosive Disorder (Self-Released)
HOSTAGE LIFE - Mr Ward (Black Pint)
RAH - In the end (Chez Ogilvie)

THE SUICIDE PILOTS - Descend (Self-Released)
GERM ATTAK - Street Survival (MCR)
HARD CHARGER - Persuader (No List)

MADCOWBOYS - Basement Shows Forever (Self-Released)
ANTISOCIAL CLUB - Punk Rock X Communication (Self-Released)
TRANZMITORS - Alma Blackwell (Deranged)

63 MONROE - Bug Out (CIUT)
TYRANNA - Test Tube Babies (CIUT)

GUILTY FACES - Nightmares (Self-Released)
GENETIC ANGRY - Thoughts (Sewercide)
MAD MEN - Wax World (Self-Released)

LET’S DANCE – Fox on the Run (CIUT)

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