Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Make No Gains studio 3 session

Make No Gains found their way to the local pub at Hart House and I just happened to find them while scouring the area not realizing that the playing field parking lot, which is the usualy meeting place for bands for these studio 3 sessions, was behind a construction fence. We lugged amps and equipment from Hoskins up to the 3rd floor and everyone was in good spirits, but Daren the drummer warned me that he had to be out of there early because he was jamming with his new band IDNS after the session. I was thinking this was going to be impossible to get done in a short period of time, but then D'Arcy showed up and he had seen the band at La Fraction's show a few weeks earlier. D'Arcy said the band is super tight and he would be surprised if they needed to do multiple takes of any songs.

Make No Gains are originally from Halifax but moved here because Cole, the singer and guitar player, got a job out here. The band came in tow, which is pretty incredible to do.

When we get upstairs, Vince (the bassist) realized he left his patch chords and guitar strap back at the rehearsal space. We found a patch chord and he sat down and played for the session even though he wanted to get up and move around. He made due.

The band has just recorded nine new songs with someone from End Program (R.I.P.). But these songs seem like they are on their recent recording "Power". Jonathon Hawkes enginneered and mixed the session which includes the following songs:

1. Dark Days
2. TV
3. Take Pause
4. Place Holders
5. Noose
6. Funeral Pyre
7. Born Alone, Die Alone
8. Dark Days, ID 1
9. Dark Days, ID 2
10. Funeral Pyre EXD ID

I tried to get the band to do a Cure song or two but they were pressed for time, Cole's voice was giving out, and they were just happy doing their own material.

Punks and Rockers put together a medley from this session of a couple of songs so you can witness the mayhem as it is played live.

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