Monday, July 1, 2013

Radio - Sunday, June 30th, 2013

The show started off with a tribute to Canada Day with the Subhumans "Oh Canaduh". If the player isn't working you can download Sunday's show using the hyperlink.

SUBHUMANS - Oh Canaduh (Alternative Tentacles)

The Confederation cup was just played and featured two teams that people have wanted to see since the Spain won the World Cup. So in honour of the game we played bands from Brazil and Spain who competed in the final earlier today.
RATOS DE PORAO - Agresao / Repressao (BRZ)
KANGRENA - Agonia (Self-Released)
DISCARGA - No Limits (Laja / 625 Productions)
ANTI-DOGMATIKKS - Politicos (Tralla)
ABSURDO - Rota (Self-Released)
I SHOT CYRUS - Tiranus (Laja / 625 Productions)

This weekend in Toronto is Gay pride weekend. In honour of the great event we played a set of queer core bands from various generations of punk.
ANTI-SCRUNTI FACTION - Slave to my estrogen (Unclean / Flipside)
YEASTIE GIRLZ - Orgasm Addict (Lookout)
CLITBOYS - Gay's Okay (Feedback)
LIMP WRIST - Just Like You (Lengua Armada)
MUKILTEO FAIRIES - closet check (Outpunk)

THE GROGGIES - Into Hell (Self-Released)
OFF - Borrow and Bomb (Vice)
CIRCLE JERKS - Beverley Hills (Frontier)
WASTOIDS - My Toronto  (Self-Released)
SMOOTH BRAIN - Mean Chimp (

Inspired by the wall theme found in straight edge here are some songs that explore the limited metaphors in straight edge.
APPRAISE - Climbing Walls (Auge / Refuse)
MINOR THREAT - Screaming at a wall (Dischord)
UNIFORM CHOICE - Screaming for Change (Wishing Well)
YOUTH OF TODAY - Break down the walls (Revelation)
R.A.M.B.O. - Wall of death the system / U-Lock Justice (625 Productions)

RATS - Faithless - Auge
SEM RESPOSTA - Linhaus Cruzadas - Auge
CUT THE SHIT - The Party's Over / Bored to Death / Take back your life (Gloom)
HARD SKIN - Another Terrace Anthem (JT Classics)
CRIMINAL DAMAGE - Mudslinger (Feral Ward)
ARSON - Not Always about you (Self-Released)
STARK NAKED AND THE FLESHTONES - I broke her heart she broke my arm (Self-Released)

BIG BOYS - I'm Sorry (Gern Blandsten)
DRI - I dpon't need society (R Radical)
NERVOUS BREAKDOWN - Kennzeychen D (Money Law)
COLD STARE - Back Off (Mind Disease)
CAUGHT IN A CROWD - You've Lost (Camp)
LIFE CRISIS - Gasmask (Get Revenge)
CL1 - Livin' my life (Self-Released)
DUKE NUKEM FOREVER - L.A.R.D. (Self-Released)
ADOLF HITLER KLAN - All Hail to Ibbenburen (Righteous Fuck)

NO LESS - Oregon Express (Slap-A-Ham)
DRY ROT - Observer (Parts Unknown)
SWAMP THING - Liar's Tongue (6/13)
NO FRAUD - Suicidal Maniac (No Clubs)
BAD EATING HABITS - Scenester Smasher (Burn Bentley)
THE NEW MEXICO - Benjamin's Cave
BROKEN PATTERNS - Empty Eyes (Six Feet Under)
DILLINGER 4 - Double Whiskey Coke No Ice (Hopscotch)

KILLING CHILDREN - 3 Track Mind (Self-Released)
THE VIBRATORS - Into the Future (Epic)
DAYGLO ABORTIONS - Homophobic Sexist Cokeheads (God)
RATS OF UNUSUAL SIZE - Flipper is Dead (Vital Music)
MENACE - I'm Civilised (Small Wonder)
REAL KIDS - All Kinds of Girls

Gayrilla Biscuits were a project band that brouight straight edge songs and re-wrote gay themes to these classics. They were from Los Angeles and the demo was recorded back in 2000.
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - Flaming ass still burns (Self-Released)
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - Degregaytion (Self-Released)
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - Get Hard (Self-Released)
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - No Homosexual Surrender (Self-Released)
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - Nailed in the Ass (Self-Released)
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - Gay til Death (Self-Released)
GAYRILLA BISCUITS - Fags like you (Self-Released)

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