Monday, July 1, 2013

Toronto scene report in MRR

I wrote a scene report on Toronto which was published in the July issue of MRR. The report provides minor updates on the New Enemy, the Class Assassins, Sinkin's Ships, Whiskey Hearts Collective, the Fallout, Brutal Youth, the Sketch, Armed and Hammered, Volume Knobs, I.D.N.S.,  Rah, Violent Future, Hassler, Purity Control, Farang, Kremlin, School Jerks, Dead Mouth, Harangue, Total Trash, Column of Heaven, Urine Cup, Spearhead, the Wastoids, Direct Approach, Wrong Generation, Burial Permit,  Abyss, Legion666, Gofuckyourself, Rising Crust, Titan, Hammerhands, Godstopper, Absolut, Left for Dead, Rad Habits, Burning Love, School Damage, Unbelievers, Dream Dates, Sluts on 45, Arson, Sid's Kids, Freedom '85, Shadowy Men from a Shadowy Planet, Filthy Gaze of Europe, Sam Sutherland's book "Perfect Youth", the Last Pogo Jumps Again, information on show spaces, promoters, radio and some brief information on the scene in Barrie. You can order a copy from MRR or read the issue here. 

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