Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sons of Ishmael studio 3 session

It was great to see these guys playing together again. Just as raging as when I remmeber seeing them back in the day, but they have gotten a lot better as musicians. Tim's angry vocal delivery, Ditch Dog's screaming guitar solos, Paul's accoustic interludes, Mike's embellishments, Daragh's rapid fire bass meandering, and Chris precision drumming. It was a priviledge to view one last time. But we want to share the magic. Here are the songs from that session:

1. This is Germany / Lefty Gets Serious
2. Clark the Parrot / Follow the Leader
3. The Lightbulb Cracks
4. Jimmy Swaggart stuck his pee pee in my poo poo / Today's Victim, Tomorrow's Aggressor
5. Reprise / Sex Class Rules Mom
6. Break Free / Democracy
7. Sumo Training Camp
8. Ohio
9. Explanation
10. Social Drinker
11. Small Town Mentality
12. Mr. Personality / Man and His Penis Sceptre
13. Undulating Blobs
14. Downsview
15. Hallowe'en Party

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