Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kremlin demo

KREMLIN are a new band from Toronto. They are a three piece featuring ex-members of MOLESTED YOUTH and the drummer from the SCHOOL JERKS. The band plays mean sounding repetitive riffage a la BLACK FLAG meets the ADOLESCENTS. The emphasis is on scrappy in terms of keeping it together but this wreckless factor gives a little of the early California hardcore sound a la CIRCLE JERKS. The distinguishing factor about this band is the distant and echo sounding vocals, which bring a TERVEET KADET flavour to the mix. It is haunting and gives the band an x-factor with regards to their punk beat. This is my favourite band to come out of the city since the REPROBATES. For copies of the demo go to their bandcamp page. The songs on here are:

1. Inhuman
2. Duped
3. No Work
4. Kremlin

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  1. Picked this up on a trip to Toronto back in August at Hits and Misses. Good Demo, look forward to hearing more from them.