Monday, August 1, 2011

Radio - Sunday, July 31, 2011

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THE VILETONES – Screaming Fist (Montreco)
THE NAZI DOGS – Mongoloid (Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)
USERS - Kicks in Style (Rave Up)
REGISRATORS - No Situation (Rip Off)
STRAW MEN - Jack rabbit (Foul and Fair)
SCHOOL JERKS - Guest List (Cowabunga)

SONS OF ISHMAEL - Jimmy Swaggart stuck his pee pee in my poo poo (Sell Out Activities)

VICTIMS - We're Fucked (Havoc / Combat Rock)

AVART 33 – Punkhierarki (Aborted Society)
FINAL EXIT – Punk Enough (Monument)
SMALLTOWN – Implosion (Deranged / Combat Rock Industries)

AGENT ORANGE - Living in Darkness (Posh Boy)

BLUNDERMEN - Don't Wanna Hear (Ragamuffin Soldier)
CIRCLE JERKS - Coup D'etat (Allegiance)
CRIMINALS - Parlez Vous Fuk You (Lookout)

DAG NASTY - One to Two (Dischord)

LAMA – Tavastia (Svart)

BASTARDS – Hallelujah! (Hohnie)
RIISTETYT – Painu Helvettiin Natsiapara (Hohnie)
MELLAKKA – Ei Oi Keutta (Hataapu)
RYTMIHAIRIO – Olympiadi (Svart)

RESIST CONTROL – Nothing to Hide / Words (Warm Bath)
LIEUTENANT – Work is Great (Warm Bath / Peterwalkee / Art of the Underground)
INERDS - Erector Set / DMV (Warm Bath)

GAS CHAMBER – Teacher with Imperfection (Warm Bath)
PLATES – Marching (Feral Kid)
BROWN SUGAR – Cocksmoker (Feral Kid)
DEATH TRAP – No Majority (Warm Bath / Feral Kid)
MAYDAY – In It to Win It (Feral Kid)

SCHIESSE KRIEG - Death is Nothing to us (Warm Bath)

SLIGHT SLAPPERS – I Won’t Belong to Your Side (No Idea)
NUCLEAR CULT – Angst (Warm Bath)
WHOLE IN THE HEAD – Fight Prejudice (Warm Bath)
ABDUKTIO – Maa en Tahdo Olla Punk / Banned in Ylojarvi (Combat Rock Industries)
ASSHOLE PARADE – Conformist Brands / Unclean / Portalsportalsportalsportals / Gurgle Forth / Skateparks / As Nails Rust / This will sow the seeds of destruction (No Idea)

FUK - Sick of Having Fun (HG Fact)

BOMBAY OF PIGS – Useless (High Art for the Low Down)
BOMBAY OF PIGS – Still Getting Sick (High Art for the Low Down)
BOMBAY OF PIGS – Fail + Fail (High Art for the Low Down)
BOMBAY OF PIGS – All Came True (High Art for the Low Down)

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