Monday, August 22, 2005

Radio - Sunday, August 21, 2005

CHARM - Track 5 (625 Productions)

LIFE - Battery Humans (MCR Co.)
VENDETTA - Wake Up (Pure Punk)
THE COOTERS - Society Sets the Stereotype (Profane Existence)
DISRESPECT - Vicious Circle (Profane Existence)

COBRA NOIR - Road to Ruin (Dead City)

BIG BOYS - Shut Up (Gern Blandsten)
AMDI PETERSENS ARMÉ - Truffet (Kick n Punch)
NEO NASTIES - King Cong (Self-Released)
CAREER SUICIDE - You Call this a Life ? (Ugly Pop)

KRUW - Seizon (Partners in Crime)

LIMP WRIST - What's Up with the Kids (Paralogy)
CARDIAC ARREST - Neverending Cycle (Underestimated)
UNDER PRESSURE - Unbroken (Sound Pollution)

GOVERNMENT WARNING - Ghost town (No Way)
86 MENTALITY - Oppression (Grave Mistake)
SYSTEM SHIT - Words No Action (Undislissed)

WORHATS - Kein Zuruck (Social Napalm)
DEFECTOR - Fill Up Panx (MCR Co.)

TOTALITAR - Ytans Makt (Y.O.J.)
FEROCIOUS X - Bannlysa Karnkraten (MCR Co.)
MISHAP - Kill Yourself (Social Napalm)
STROHSACHE - Brutale Scheisse (Social Napalm)

GAUZE - Crash the Pose (Bootleg)

ACTION - Suicide Squad (Punk Core)
OUTO - Free Man (Bootleg)
POISON IDEA - Lifestyles (Taang!)
HUSKER DU - Something I Learned Today (SST)
ASEXUALS - Asexual (Psyche Industry)

DIRECT CONTROL - I Like It Fast (Kangaroo)
OUT COLD - Body #9 (Kangaroo)
SUBURBAN DEATH MACHINE - Punch out (Mission)
THE PIST - Dead in Its Tracks (Elevator)

COUGAR PARTY - People Shouldn't be Mean to Me (Self-Released)
DROP DEAD - A Nation Sleeps (Coalition)
THE TRIGGERS - Lets Mutate (Dirtnap)
DD / MM / YYYY - Hey Stop the World (Self-Released)
R.A.M.B.O. - Pig Shit (Havoc)

HELLSHOCK - Legion (Profane Existence)

PSYCHO SURGEONS - Wild Weekend (Shock)
TEENAGE HEAD - Tearin' Me Apart (Other Peoples Music)
EYES - Disneyland (Frontier)
ZEROS - Wild Weekend (Bomp)

Demo Feature
SELF-RULE - We Are Not Citizens We are People (Self-Released)
SELF-RULE - Counterinsurgency (Self-Released)
SELF-RULE - Craven Image (Self-Released)
SELF-RULE - Profitable Mind Control (Self-Released)
SELF-RULE - (Living a Life) of Science Fiction (Self-Released)
SELF-RULE - Seal Song (Self-Released)
SELF-RULE - Voice of the Speechless (Self-Released)

BLAKE - Idleness (Spectra Sonic)

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