Monday, August 15, 2005

Radio - Sunday, August 14, 2005

BUZZCOCKS - Noise Annoys (EMI)

FREEDUMB - Illusjonen (Chimney)
DEAD HEARTS - Burning (Reflections)
SUBURBAN DEATH MACHINE - Surrounded (Mission)
BLACKJACKET - Terror from the Unknown (The A.M. Project)
DECONDITIONED - Wreck Loose (B.E. Records)

BRUCE McCOLLOCH - Dave's I Know (Atlantic)
PEDESTRIANS - Deal of the Century (Self-Released)
THE TIE REDS - Thunderbolt (Self-Released)
THE CRETEENS - Let's Get Lost (Self-Released)
THE TEARS - You're All Talk (Self-Released)
TEEN CRUD COMBO - You're Gonna Die (CHRY)

Guest Host: Robin from Noise Annoys Record Shop
MARKED MEN - Gone Away (Dirtnap)
NEWTOWN ANIMALS - Radio Nation (Mint)
THE CHECKERS - Hey Hey Hey (Teenacide)
RIOT 99 - Trapped (Self-Released)
THE RIFFS - Lesson #9 (TKO)
SUZY AND LOS QUATRO - What If ? (No Tomorrow)

Robin's picks part 2:
POINTED STICKS - Marching Song (Sudden Death)
BARRACUDAS - Surfers are Back (Voxx)
RAPED - Moving Target (Get Back)
THE MONKS - Love in Stereo (Capitol)
THE KIDS - Do You Wanna know (Bootleg)
FORGOTTEN REBELS - I Left My Heart in Iran (Star)
THE 1O1ERS - Sweet Revenge (Andalucia)

A.N.S. - Turn It Off (B.E. Records)
BRODY'S MILITIA - Geek Behind the Curtain (Sound Pollution)
MIGRA VIOLENTA - Policias Violentos (I Deal)
HOSTILE TAKEOVER - My Limp Wrist Hoodie Got Me Beat Up (625 Productions)
LOW VISION - Personal Idea (625 Productions)

CHUCK NORRIS - Pick Up Your Skate (Self-Released)
IN TIME - You Should Know (Notion)
TO WHAT END - Traditions (YellowDog)
THE BAYONETTES - Dead End Kids (Self Released)
FUCKED UP - Police (Deranged)

Demo Feature
COMPLICATIONS - I Abducate (Self-Released)
COMPLICATIONS - Last Journey (Self-Released)
COMPLICATIONS - The Castle (Self-Released)
COMPLICATIONS - This is Where It Ends (Self-Released)
COMPLICATIONS - On Judgement Day (Self-Released)
COMPLICATIONS - All Are Equal (Self-Released)
COMPLICATIONS - The Weight of Weakness (Self-Released)
COMPLICATIONS - Lifespan (Self-Released)
COMPLICATIONS - Under Pressure (Self-Released)
COMPLICATIONS - Assassins (Self-Released)

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