Monday, August 1, 2005

Radio - Sunday, July 31, 2005

STRAIGHT EDGE KEGGER - the Metal Years (Torture Garden Pictures)

July Top 10
PEDESTRIANS - Endangering Public Safety (Southkore)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Wet My Pants (Deranged)
KAUNIIT POLIISIT - Tappakaa Ville Itala (Stay Free Underground)
GRITOS DE ALERTA - ei Sorta Foi Lancada (Underground Punk Support)
KNUGEN FALLER - Inte Som Ni (Wasted Sounds)
IRRITATORS - Paging Dr. Armstrong (Self-Released)
UPSTAB - We Did It All (Even Worse)
GORILLA ANGREB - Livstid (Feral Ward)
CAREER SUICIDE - Bored, Bored, Bored (Feral Ward)
SHINING, The - Situation Remains (Underground Punk Support)

REAL LOSERS - Watcha Know About Me (Trick Knee)
TOKYO ELECTRON - Innocent (Shattered)
KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW - Get Down (Goner)
NORMALS - Almost Ready (Redrum)
SICK FITS - Hollywood Knives (Longshot)
DETENTION - El Salvador (Schizophrenic)

Guest Host Craigo from "Get punked" radio show for an Australian feature
BOMBSCARE - All Along (Self-Released)
STANDARD UNION - Killburn SA (Self-Released)
SCABS - Political Jargon (Self-Released)
STOLEN YOUTH - Judged (Two Bucks)
THE JERKS - Welcome to the Vale (Two Bucks)

VICIOUS - Garn Get Fucked (Self-Released)
GLEN AND THE PEANUT BUTTER MEN - Night of the Living Drunk (Self-Released)
SLICK 46 - Start to End (Self-Released)
CHARTER 77 - Not Dead Yet (Self-Released)
RULE 303 - I See Dead People (Self-Released)

NFI - Degeneration (Self-Released)
MAD BATCH - Beyond the End (Outhroat)
JUNGLE FEVER - Never Again (Self-Released)
MUSCATS - We Need Anarchy (Dirty Flair)
ON ACTIVE SERVICE - Kick Against the Pricks (Self-Released)

FUCK JONAH - Simon Harvey Fight Song (Deathtrip 46)
BLACK FLAG - I've Heard It Before (SST)
SHAM 69 - I Don't Wanna (Step Forward)
ACCELERATORS - All Alright (Wide Open)
THE QUEERS - I Don't Wanna Work (Lookout)

MENTAL ABUSE - Sock Woman (Bootleg)
BLACK MARKET BABY - World at Work (Yesterday & Today)
5150 - U Miss Succubus (Reagan Era)
TENSION - Recruits (Bootleg)
JACKSHIT - We Still Like Drugs (Squirtdown)
OFFBEATS - Mind the Fuck do you think you are ? (ooops)
CAUSE FOR ALARM - Poison in the Machine (Self-Released)

DISRESPECT - No Sign of Life (Profane Existence)

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