Monday, October 10, 2005

Radio - Sunday, October 9, 2005

THE BRAT ATTACK - Call to Action (Underground Operations)

CHILD ABUSE - I'm Not Your Contraceptive (Re-Force)
DREAM DATES - The Mess You're In (Re-Force / Zurich Chainsaw Massacre)
PHOSPHOR - Haferflocken (Re-Force)
OUT OF ORDER - Out of Order (Redrum)
HANS-A-PLAST - Lederhosentyp (Re-Force)

BLUE PETER - Living in the Eighties (Ready)
THE BOYS - Weekend (Safari)
THE MONKS - Cool Way to Live (Polydor)
THE STIFFS - Fuck You (Bootleg)
CLOROX GIRLS - This Dimension (Jonny Cat)
THE OBSERVERS - Walk Alone (Jonny Cat)

GORILLA ANGREB - Motorsave & Masahahatlakrer (Hjernespind)
BOMBENALARM - Identificatorish Versagh (Unsociable)
KRUW - Seizon (Partners In Crime)
HAYMAKER - There is No Out (Deranged)
GOVERNMENT WARNING - Self Destruct (No Way)

OUTRAGED - Romance al Hardcore (Punks Before Profit$)
AK 47 - The Day After (Reason)
BOXED IN - Scapegoat (Heart First)
SEEIN RED - Both (Peculio Discos)
MIHOEN! - Kopen Niet Kijken (Trabuc)
CHUCK NORRIS - Abuse (Self-Released)
COMA - Gates Out of My Hell (Insane Society)

FUCKED UP - Ban Violins (Slasher)
REGULATIONS - Anna's Eyes (Havoc)
MARKED MEN - Nothing's Changed (Shit Sandwich)
AVERSIONS - Censored Movies (Die In Style)
THE FURIES - What do You Want Me to Be (Bootleg)
TOKYO ELECTRON - Will Put a Charge in You (Shattered)
LOKUM - The Saw is the Law (Hjernespind)
BEAT BEAT BEAT - Cheap Time (Douche Master)

SQUARE THE CIRCLE - Desco ser Sano (Self-Released)
CHAINSAW - Wind of Peace (Hibachi)
RAW POWER - Nihilist (S.O.A.)
PEGGIO PUNX - Guerra (S.O.A.)
STRUNG UP - Warfucked (Kangaroo)
SCURVY DOGS - Relieve Yourself (Kangaroo)

DEAD LETTER DEPT - Burn Your Atticus Shirt & Start a Real Band (Underground Operations)BOMBS OVER PROVIDENCE - The Starving Artist Weight Loss Program Works to Varying Degrees Somethetimes (Underground Operations)
3 - Dodger (Dischord)
PROPAGANDHI - A Speculative Fiction (G7 Welcoming Committee)
DESCENDENTS - 'Merican (Fat Wreck)

Demo Feature
SEND MORE COPS - Cities (Self-Released)
SEND MORE COPS - Progress? (Self-Released)
SEND MORE COPS - Soapbox (Self-Released)
SEND MORE COPS - Deadly Deception (Self-Released)
SEND MORE COPS - Behind Closed Doors (Self-Released)
SEND MORE COPS - 21 Guns (Self-Released)
SEND MORE COPS - Inconclusive (Self-Released)

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