Monday, October 24, 2005

Radio - Sunday, October 23, 2005

DIRTY B.S. - Chronic Infection (Slasher)

MODERNETTES - Celebrity Crackup (Sudden Death)
ANGELS SAINTS & HEROES - Fiddling with Nero (Rubber Factory)
STOCKYARD STOICS - Catastrophe (M.S.M. 1279)
RIOT BRIGADE - Headshot (M.S.M. 1279)
OFFENDERS - Direct Defiance (Kangaroo)

M.O.T.O. - Gonna Get Drunk Tonight (Criminal I.Q.)
THE LEGHOUNDS - Prisoner of Love (Alien Snatch)
THE VICIOUS - Suicidal Generation (Wasted Sounds)
CATHOLIC BOYS - Temper Tantrum (Bancroft)
CARBONAS - (Your Love is) Inside Out (Shattered)

Studio 3 Session
DIRTY B.S. - Intro / 15 Years (CIUT)
DIRTY B.S. - Appropriation (CIUT)
DIRTY B.S. - Flash Out (Bastard) (CIUT)
DIRTY B.S. - Mercy Bullet (CIUT)
DIRTY B.S. - Remains (CIUT)
DIRTY B.S. - Chronic Infection (CIUT)

DIRTY B.S. - Remains (Slasher)
DIRTY B.S. - Interview (CIUT)
DIRTY B.S. - Appropriation (Slasher)

WALKING WRECK - Are You Wrecked (Mike Fitzgerald)
I-ATTACK - Battle Scars (Criminal I.Q.)
THE FEELERS - Parts and Pieces (P Trash)
THE CRETEENS - I Don't Want to be Educated (Florida's dying)

Guest host: Susan
DETESTATION - Dying Every Day (Profane Existence)
DEAD STOCK CRUSHER - Bitter Piece (Self Released)
DOA - Class War (Sudden Death)
INFA RIOT - the Winner (Get Back)
INEPSY - M.O.A.B. (Feral Ward)
HYPE - Need a Handgun (Fringe)
DEATH SENTENCE - Fake (Fringe)

Demo Feature
XBRAINIAX - Lenny Kravitz is his answer (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Sinking Your Flag Ship (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Pick Up Real Change (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Idiot Box (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Capitalist have Nagasaki Wet Dream (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - B-Beat (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - My Way (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Revenge! (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Young Republicans Fuck off (Not Very Nice Tapes)
XBRAINIAX - Hacked to Chunks (No Comment) (Not Very Nice Tapes)

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