Sunday, July 19, 2015

Radio - Sunday, July 19, 2015

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BRUTAL KNIGHTS – Communication Breakdown (Perpetrator)
BURNING LOVE – Pig City 1 (Southern Lord)
CAREER SUICIDE – Cherry Beach (Sewercide)
GENTLEMEN OF HORROR – God Knows You By Name (Bacchus Archives)
DOA – Communication Breakdown (Sudden Death)

DEMICS – New York City (Ready)
COLD WARPS – Dip Tipper (Bruised Tongue)
THE FITS – Bored of Education (No Exit)
FERAL TRASH – P.A.R.A.N.O.I.D. (P Trash / Mammoth Cave)
KING KHAN AND BBQ – Invisible Girl (In the Red)

EMERGENCY - Media Control (Longshot)
BISHOPS GREEN - Vacant State(Rebellion / Longshot)
GENERATION HEXED - Tongue In Cheek (Self-Released)
STRANGLED - Cost of Living (Self-Released)
THE FRAGS – Social War (Self-Released)
GAZM - Face Down (Self-Released)

Here is the Triage studio 3 sssion from a few weeks ago.

TRIAGE – White Eyes (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Retaliatory Strike (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Triage Theme (Self-Released)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Society’s Victim (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Everyday in Hell (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Power Beat (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Dystopic Scene (CIUT)
TRIAGE – Interview (CIUT)

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