Sunday, July 26, 2015

Radio - Sunday, July 26th, 2015

The latest segment of "Notes from Behind the Iron Curtain" has host exploring the little known scene of Macedonia. We start out with a band that host Beri Sabolic got to see live Bernays Propaganda. You can also download an MP3 file for your listening device, hearing aid, i-pod, whatnot.

BERNAYS PROPAGANDA - Kill Me! (Happiness Machines, Moonlee Records, 2009)

SARACENI - Ne brini (Macedonian Document Step 2, TROT, 1995)
BADMINGTONS - Site Obichni Lugje (Macedonian Document Step 1, TROT, 1994)
SORS - Old Story (Macedonian Document Step 2, TROT, 1995)

MIZAR - Devojka od bronza (Mizar, Helidon, 1988)
PADOT NA VIZANTIJA - Sepak Istata Sostojba (Macedonian Document Step 1, TROT, 1994)

MORBID JOKER - How Could Life Be So Cruel (No Border Jam 4, Front Rock 1997)
BRIGADE O.D. - No More (The Last Temptation of Dying Us, Humanita Nova, 2000)
SUPERHIKS - Rade - folk mix (Cekaj be, vikam... kade be, malku, Lithium Records, 2001)
KULTURNO UMETNICKI RABOTNICI - Dirty Old Saloon (Amore Bene Tutti Prego, Do Re Mi, 2008)
MOLOKAI - Creepy Heap from the Deep (Rack Attack 2.0, self-released digital album, 2014)

XAXAXA - Radio Motorika (Sami mazi i zeni, Moonlee Records, 2014)
BERNAYS PROPAGANDA - Ordinary Toy (Zabraneta planeta, Moonlee Records, 2013)

ARHANGEL – Molk (Haus)

Here are some of the most recent Canadian punk releases some of who will be playing Toronto over the next few weeks.

PRETTY BOYS – Diva Cup Girl (Self-Released)
PANZEE – All I Can Say (Self-Released)
ALIENATION - Election Fraud (Self-Released)
SILENT ORDER – Darkness – Isolation (Self-Released)
THE SYNDROME - Noise Appeal (Self-Released)

THE PAGANS OF NORTHUMBERLAND – The Moonies Don’t Know (Self-Released)
PSEUDO – Why ? (Self-Released)
ZERO – Still Ill (Self-Released)
THE CHAIN – Faceless (Self-Released)
GAZM – Face Down (Self-Released)
STRAY SHEEP - Hate Your Life (Self-Released)
BRUTE FORCE - Black and Blue (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is the first demo by the Boys. This band is a new Toronto band not to be confused with the well known British punk band that has a Christmas alter ego of the Yobs. The Toronto Boys demo is titled "Anti-Punk" and can be found on bandcamp. You can also find out more about the band on their blog.

THE BOYS – Introducing the Boys (Self-Released)
THE BOYS – Anti Punk (Self-Released)
THE BOYS – Turbo Hot Power Spice (Self-Released)
THE BOYS – Thps2 (Self-Released)
THE BOYS – Speed (Self-Released)
THE BOYS – Everybody Loves Raymond (Self-Released)

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