Sunday, July 5, 2015

Radio - Sunday, July 5th, 2015

Tonight was the fifth women's takeover show complete with a renaming of the show "Shequalizing-X-Distort". Tonight's hosts included the regulars Chloe, Marjie, Sarde, and Zoe. two new co-hosts included Arina who has been on the show in studio 3 with Fathers, and Randi. Sarde started out tonight's show with

YOUNG TRYNAS - $ (Self-Released)

MOON HAG – Pills (Self-Released)
DAME – Charm School (Self-Released)
SLIMY MEMBER – Prisoner (Self-Released)

Chloe's set included
SWINDLED – Who Wants Guns? (Swindled)
SUDOR – Chicos del Regimen (Solo Para Punks)
TYRANNA – Back Off Baby (Self-Released)
X – I See Red (Elektra)
THE CONEHEADS – Way Things Am (Self-Released)

Arina's set was inspired by a passing encounter with Ivan starring at her homemade Kremlin shirt.
Q – QCP (Lumpy)
KREMLIN – No Work (Self-Released)
BELGRADO – In My Head (Self-Released)
THEE NODES – Filthy Gaze (Self-Released)
MALARIA! - Kaltes Klarres Wasser (Self-Released)

Zoe was moved by the possible deportation of a member of Pura Mania coming up in August
FRACASO – Destruir (Self-Released)
PURA MANIA – Desesperado (Cvrecs)
ICONS OF FILTH – Fucked Up State (Mortarhate)
RUBELLA BALLET – Money Talks (Ubiquitous)
FLESH WORLD – To Lose Me (Iron Lung)

Brandy's set was inspired by some noisier bands
THE SPEAKERS – Complex Baby (King World)
CUT – Everyday Like Shit (KWR)
NO CUT – Move Onward (KPP)
RECONSIDERATION – Viva La Noise (Pogo 77)
DISORDER – Chaos, disorder (Pogo 77)

Marji's set included
FORGOTTEN REBELS – Hello Hello (Star)
SUBHUMANS - No Productivity (Quintessence)
ALTERNATE ACTION – Keep Running (Longshot)
FLQ's – More of you (Unreleased)
THE TIGHT – Cracked (Cherry Red)

Tonight's demo feature is Erina's new band Mollot. She is singing in this band.and you can find the demo up on bandcamp

MOLLOT – Cheap Shit (Self-Released)
MOLLOT – Bikey Bike (Self-Released)
MOLLOT – Black Boots (Self-Released)
MOLLOT – Filth/Q (Self-Released)

DOWNTOWN BOYS – Dancing in the Dark (Don Giovanni)

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