Sunday, July 12, 2015

Radio - Sunday July 12, 2015

You can download tonight's show here.

SHAM 69 – Sunday Morning Nightmare (Polydor)

On the way in we had to pass through a bunch of cops and security just sitting around guarding an empty field. Our interview studio does give us a pretty great view of the field hockey pitch, but the lockdown feel of things had us put together a set of anti Pan Am songs.

7 SECONDS - I Hate Sports (Pazzafist)
ANTI-DOGMATIKSS - Olimpisme (Tralla)
VOID – Organized Sports (Dischord)
DOA - Billy and the Socreds (Captin Oi!)

LIGHTMARES – The Sweat of a Hetero (Self-Released)
FEAR – I Love Livin’ in the City (Slash / Rhino)
TELEVISION – Friction (Alternative) (Elektra)
CHROME CRANKS – Little Johnny Jewel, Part 1 (Hozac)
FANG – The Money will roll right in (Boner)

Here are some reissues that came out in June

USELESS EATRS – Plague Is Vague (Lollipop)
MAD VIRGINS – F… and suck (Belgian Waffles)
SOBERANÍA PERSONAL – Sucios y coimeros (Metadona)
CHAINSAW – What Goes On (Romantik)
TOŽIBABE – Lutke (NE!)

To prepare listeners for the Top 10 picks here are some runners up

GAY KISS – Last March (Sorry State)
SIX BREW BANTHA - Intravenously Commodified (SPHC / To Live a Lie)
IMAGINARY DICTIONARY – Desperation (Hardware)
XAXAXA - Radio Motorika (Moonlee)
WILDHONEY – Super Stupid (Nostalgium Directive)

Here are my top 10 picks based on records reviewed in the June 2015 issue of MRR.

10. VLASTA POPIĆ – Slijepa naša (Mržnja) (Moonlee) 
9. DETERGENTS –  Dark Days (Quality Control)
8. SEX SNOBS – The Idiot Room (Self-Released)
7. ABSOLUT – Last Corpse (Runstate)
6. PARASYTES – Melting Brain (Self-Released)
5. BARCELONA - Seguidores del Orden (La Vida Es Un Mus)
4. RIXE – Infatigables (La Vida Es Un Mus)
3. SUICIDAS – Mentiras (Metadona)
    TRANCE – No Quiero Verte (Metadona)
2. FASHIONISM – Breaking Out (Hosehead)
1. S.H.I.T. - Blss (Beach Impediment)

THE A’s – Teenage Jerkoff (Arista)
TEENGENERATE – Let’s Get Hurt (Crypt)
LEATHER UPPERS – Super Car (Pantsuit City)
THEE MIGHTY CAESARS – You make me die (Crypt)
THE CRAMPS – I was a teenage werewolf (Embassador)

BISHOPS GREEN – Invisible (Rebellion)
HARD SKIN – I’ve Had Me Car Nicked (JT Classics)
VAGRANT – Ankle Brace (Self-Released)
SYSTEMATIK – Vagrant (Sabotage)
MYSTIC INANCE - Pervert in Society (Negative Jazz)

Tonight's demo feature is a skinhead band from Niagara Falls called Howitzer. You can download their demo at Bandcamp

HOWITZER - Howitzer (Self-Released)
HOWITZER - Unchained (Self-Released)
HOWITZER - Concealed Violence (Self-Released)
HOWITZER - Keep It Up (Self-Released)

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