Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Tranzmitors "Look What Your Doing" ep

Ugly Pop's 19th release. Cat Call Records was just another moniker for Ugly Pop. This 19th release was of the incredibly infectious new wave renaissance group from Vancouver known as the Tranzmitors. The band features members of Emergency, New Town Animals and the Smugglers. They sound like the Undertones and XTC and the Cure, the Pointed Sticks and the Specials all at once. The A side ends with a 'Radio' roundabout that could have been ripped from Joe Jackson's song "Radio". I am baffled as to why this band isn't bigger especially given the resurgence in new wave in the recent few years. CBC should be polluting the airwaves with their infectious ditties. Instead like every good new wave and punk group from back in the day the Tranzmitors are ignored. They are a true talent and Stiff Records has recognized it as they have taken to re-issuing the full length that Deranged released in 2007. There is a great interview that Mongrel zine did with the band. In the meantime this release contains "Look What Your Doing" and "Teenage Filmstar". There is pressing information about the multiple presses of this release up at Neurotic Text, which is Simon Harvey's blog, the true force behind Ugly Pop. Lots of interesting stuff up there including the pressing information that this was pressed three times in the total of three months between March and June of 2006. Each pressing was under 500.

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