Monday, March 27, 2006

Radio - Sunday, March 26, 2006

KNUCKLEHEAD - The New Black List (Stumble)

OUT WITH A BANG - Cursed from Birth (Vida Loca)
SODOMIZED BY MARCIA BRADY - Bend Over and Shut the Fuck Up, Asshole! (Burrito)
CAREER SUICIDE - Signal (Slasher)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Face of Death (Deranged)
UNDER PRESSURE - Situation (Primitive Air Raid)
DSC - Bloodied (Hit The Deck)

KNAUGHTY KNIGHTS - Death Has Come Over Me (Goner)
RIFF RANDELLS - Psycho Boyfriend (Mint)
RIVER CITY TANLINES - IM A Damn Dog (Soul is Cheap)
TEENAGE HEAD - Aint Got No sense (Page One)
NERVOUS EATERS - Im a Degenerate (Penniman)

Studio 3 Session
KNUCKLEHEAD - Born in a Big City / Prime Time Reality (CIUT)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Bodies at Midnight (CIUT)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Bill Jones Curse (CIUT)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Better Living (Stumble)

UROKO - Midnight Impulse (MCR Company)
ABRAHAM CROSS - Same as War (MCR Company)
PROTESTATION - Guilty ? (MCR Company)
FORWARD - We Need the Truth (HG Fact)
INEPSY - Massive Ordinance Airblast (Feral Ward)

Demo Feature
SOTATILA - Rauka & Turva (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Valinpitamattomyys (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Perus Paska Meininki (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Joukkotuhoaseet (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Lokeroija (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Sekasorta (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Kontrolli (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Oma Elama (Self-Released)
SOTATILA - Valta (Self-Released)

THE DESTRUCTORS - Death Squad (Captain oi!)

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