Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Radio - Sunday, March 13, 2006

FUCKED UP - Circling the Drain (live) (Deranged)

DIRTY BS - 15 Years (Slasher)
CANCER BATS - Bloodpact (Tragicomedy)
VEE DEE - Blood Zombie (Criminal IQ)
HJERTESTOP - Vi Er Overalt (Kick 'n' Punch)
GORILLA ANGREB - Jeg Gar Ikke I Sorte (Kick 'n' Punch)

CHANNEL 3 - Manzanar (Posh Boy)
D.O.A. - The Enemy (Alternative Tentacles)
ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT - Working Class Pride (Pusmort)
JERRY'S KIDS - Build Me A Bomb (Taang)
POISON IDEA - Typical (Pusmort)
D.I. - Spiritual Law (Reject)

Studio 3 session
FUCKED UP - Triumph of Life (CIUT)
FUCKED UP - Invincible Leader (CIUT)
FUCKED UP - 2 Snakes (CIUT)
FUCKED UP - Neat Parts (CIUT)
FUCKED UP - Teenage Problems (CIUT)
FUCKED UP - Fear of the Day (CIUT)
FUCKED UP - inteview
FUCKED UP - Ban Violins (Slasher)

THE JAM - Carnaby Street (Polydor)
THE POGUES - Dirty Old Town (Stiff)

ROCKET FROM THE TOMBS - Raw Power (Smog Veil)
SAUCERS - I Didn't Get It (Orange)
DEAD BOYS - High Tension Wire (Sire)
DICTATORS - Young, Fast & Scientific (Asylum)

AGNOSTIC FRONT - Last Warning (Combat Core)
S.O.D. - Speak English Or Die (Megaforce)
FEAR - Let's Have A War (Slash)

REAL KIDS - Every Day Is A Saturday (Norton)

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