Sunday, October 12, 2014

Radio - Sunday, October 12, 2014

Here is the broadcast for tonight's show. I started out with my number 1 pick for last month which I didn't get to play last week. Demands from DC.

DEMANDS - No Lifeboats (Self-Released)

First up is an elections set to mark upcoming municipal election on Monday, October 27th but the advance polling starts this Tuesday so to motivate people to vote out the current administration here is a set about voting and Toronto.

THE ADOLESCENTS - Democracy (Frontier)
EFFIGIES - Guns or Ballots (Live Broadcast on Sunday Morning Nightmare, WZRD 1981)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Civil Disobedience (Self-Released)
WASTOIDS - My Toronto (Deranged)
THE SOFISTIFUCKS - Memento Mori (Rust and Machine)
HASSLER - Pig Pen II - Fed, Worked and Watered (Deranged)

I found a bunch of great demo recordings by Canadian artists on Melonville Hardcore that I wanted to share. There is loads more great stuff to be found some of which is in the second set below like Cat's Game and the Dole.. 

DEATH SENTENCE - R.C.M.P. (Self-Released)
UNWANTED - Dead End (BY0)
PERSONALITY CRISIS - People In Glass (1983 Demo)
WHITE NOISE - Whats a Matter (Dead and alive demo)
FRATRICIDE - Beaten Senseless (CFRO Co-op Radio, Jan 2nd 1987)

THE REBEL SPELL - All this costs (Rebel Time)
THE SKULLIANS - Jail Bird (Self-Released)
CAT'S GAME - Home Sweet Home (Self-Released)
THE D0LE - Working Poor (Self-Released)
FUCK ME DEAD - Closer To The End (Self-Released)
BILL OF RIGHTS - Pipeline (Surf, Skate, Ski & Skank demo)

A continuation of the Mexico City scene report printed in this month's issue of MRR. The reporter refers to the scene as Chilango Punk. D'Arcy played some of the material two weeks ago. Here is part two of some of the bands written about in the report. 

MUERTE - Nadie (Self-Released)
ZOTZ - Sangre (Self-Released)
DIA FINAL - El porvenir es largo (Self-Released)
VITTORIA DELLA SCONFITTA - Mierdas (Self-Released)

Here is a set of bands that sing in Spanish from other parts of the world like San Francisco, L.A., Oakland, Bogoto and Toronto. 

RULETA RUSA - Curriqui De Barrio - Gritos Para Desahogar (Aqui No Es)
GENERACION SUICIDA - Soldados (MM Discos) 
SUICIDAS - Vertigo (Self-Released)
SECTA SUICIDA - Ya Nada Importa (Self-Released)
SKUNX - Dose Brutal (CIUT)

This is a set of bands that will be playing in town in the next little while. See the show listings section.

VACANT STATE - No (Deranged)
NEGATIVE APPROACH - Hypocrite (Touch 'n Go)
GLUE - Close But No Cigar (Self-Released)
WILD SIDE - All Bark, No Bite / The Strength (Self-Released)

BELGRAD0 - Koszmar - Barcelona 
K0SZMAR - I Na Co (Poslka Dupa Demo 2012)
UPTOWN LEISURE BOYS - Scraping Bottom (MM Discos) 
SOCIALITE - Socialite (Self-Released)
STOIC VIOLENCE - Abused (Deranged / Video Disease)
SOCIAL DAMAGE - Tied (Straight and Alert)
ANCIENT HEADS - For My Brothers (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is a brand new power violence band from Buffalo. The band features Corey from Inerds on vocals, Eric from Not Time Left / They Live on guitar, Chelsea from Human Touch / The Mallwalkers on bass, and Steve from Done Deal on drums. This recording was done on October 1st so this might be the first time you are hearing it. Healer will be making this available on a cassette and CD format and Nerve Alter will release a 7" from this material. Healer is also working on new material for a split with Cloud Rat. 

HEALER - Fundamentalists (Self-Released)
HEALER - H.O.T.E.O.F. Part II (Self-Released)
HEALER - Paid Vacation (Self-Released)
HEALER - Take a Number (Self-Released)
HEALER - Just us Peanuts in Here (Self-Released)
HEALER - Parasites (Self-Released)
HEALER - Dead Grandma Watching You (Self-Released)
HEALER - Day Pass to Assholeville (Self-Released)
HEALER - And You Will Probably Die Alone (Self-Released)
HEALER - Mom is Drunk and Talking Shit (Self-Released)
HEALER - You Can't Win (Self-Released)
HEALER - Shit Existance (Self-Released)

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