Sunday, January 11, 2015

Radio - Sunday, January 11th, 2015

We aired a live recording and interview with Disdonut, a project band that took the subject of donuts and applied the "Dis" treatment to them. The session was recorded just before Christmas. We also featured a set of music loosely based on France given the shootings that took place in Paris this week. We featured a set of new bands from Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Mallorca, etc). We featured a set of pop inspired punk that included the new Buzzcocks release. And this much diversity prepared everyone for the demo feature who were Gillooly, who are a new band from Buffalo that embody many different sounds of punk's past. You can download the show here.

DISDONUT - Old Fashion Pain (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Jelly Full of Napalm (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Fritter Obliteration (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Walnut Crunch Warfare (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Honey Glazed Holocaust (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Maple Dip Massacre (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Death's Doorstep Double Chocolate (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Crueller knows only Cruelty (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Coconut Cream Genocide (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Interview (CIUT)
DISDONUT - Nuclear Dutchie (CIUT)

FRAU - Paris (Self-Released)
CRIMINAL CODE - Surveillance (Deranged)
HARM DONE - Let Down (Straight and Alert)
RAW JUSTICE - Mad At This World (Straight and Alert)
NYC HEADHUNTERS - Die Commuting (Straight and Alert)
IN TIME - Daily Commute (Self-Released)

ORDEN MUNDIAL - Todo Se Acaba (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CS-137 - La Humanidad lo ha Jodido Todo (Self-Released)
PESSIM - Amaga't Mentre Pugues (Self-Released)
GRB - La Fiesta (Self-Released)
DECRANEO - Criminales - Mallorca (MMM Discos)
FASTIC - Fucking Punk De Merda (Polze de la mort)
TARSIUS TARSIER - Mataviudas (Long Legs Long Arms)

SCHLONG - Go Your Own Way (Bun Length)
BREAKOUT - Razor Wire (On High)
HEART ATTACK KIDS - Shoulda Came From Japan (Trash!)
BUZZCOCKS - Generation Suicide (Pledge)
THE CAPITALIST KIDS - What Have You Got To Hide (Toxic Pop)
THE ERGS - Rod Argent (Toxic Pop)
JOE JACKSON - She Reallly Going Out With Him (Vinyl Lovers)

DRY HEAVE - Slander! Libel! Slander! (Self-Released)
VIVISEKTIO - Noitavaino (Kamaset Levyt)
FALLAS DE EVOLUCION - Nos deben una vida (CRASS)
HOT TIP - Human Cage (Self-Released)
BEASTMAN - Nightcrawler (Self-Released)
VCR - Beer Shit Night / Pizza Party (Barfbag)

MERCY KILLINGS - Snuffed Out (Beach mpedment)
APPRAISE - Double Sided (Refuse)
CORRECTION - Spear of a Thousand (Carry the Weight)
BUSTED OUTLOOK - Killed By The Kids II (Warthog)
COKE BUST - Sent in Circles (Grave Mistake)
REPLICA - Pitchforks and Torches (Prank)
HARD CHARGER - Cutting Out Early(Bigger Boat)
OOZE - Big Angry (Not Normal)
IDLE MINDS - Cold World (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is from Buffalo. Like listening to name that tune the punk edition. Can be downloaded at

GILLOOLY - Jeff Gillooly (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Meeting Bottoms (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Wait a Minute (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Blank Stares of State (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - More Important (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Magenta Lion (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Rust Belt (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Twelve Dotage (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Catch me off guard (More Power Tapes)
GILLOOLY - Spoken Herd (More Power Tapes)

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