Sunday, January 18, 2015

Radio - Sunday, January 18th, 2015

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CASH PUPPIES - 99% is Shit (The Label)

A set of old punk bands I came across this week
ED DAVIS BAND - Keith Richards dead (Enright)
THE TITS – We're so glad Elvis is dead (1977)
DENNIS THE MENACE - Go-go wah wah (Self-Released)
PLÉÉMOBIELZ - Troep (Kamikaze)

CAL AND THE CALORIES - Splish Splash (Rat King)
LEATHER DADDY - Clones (Twerp)
LAS VENAS - Vamos por la calle - La playa de los negris (Blondes must die)
THE POWER-CHORDS - Unattached Strings (Mean Buzz)
LYCKA TILL - På gott och ont (Plan-It X)
THE ERGS - Maybe I'm The New Messiah (Toxic Pop)
THE HEARTBURNS - I Wanna Be Dead (Self-Released)
COSTANZA - Didn't you get the Memo (Self-Released)

A set of old hardcore releases I came across this week
E.A.T.E.R. - Religion (Ernst)
ATOXXICO - Puerco Policia (Puro Pinche Ruido)
DEZERTER - Spytaj Milicjanta (MRR)
KALASHNIKOV - Schlueters Kabinet (HUB) - 1984
DEATH SENTENCE - Fake (Fringe)
UNWANTED - Party Degs (BYO)

This is a set of new-ish bands from Cleveland
REAL REGULAR - I Am Handsome (Saucepan)
SMOOTH BRAIN - When I'm With U (Lost Cat)
LUCHA ETERNA - Barrio Boyz (heaven's Gate / Cleveland Continental)
FAT VEGAN - Meat Is Burger (Saucepan)
FUCK YOU PAY ME - Factory Of Sadness (Self-Released)

POST REGIMENT - Kiedy Ktzycze (Czarlzly)
TRENCHES - Fighting Dogs (Self-Released)
YOUTH AVOIDERS - Got your teeth (Self-Released)

New bands with demos
RISE OF THE ANTELOPE - Asumsi Belaka (PTK Distribution)
SUKARAME - Teleng Teleng (PTK Distribution)
PURE DISGUST - You Don't Care (Self-Released)
BLOOD PRESSURE - Screaming and Laughing (Self-Released)
JAVLA - Half Life (Self-Released)
G.L.O.S.S. - We're from the future / Masculine Artifice (Self-Released)
2x4 - Survive the Mess / Attacked / Lost in Terror (Self-Released)

MANLIFTINGBANNER - Undercurrent (Crucial Response)
BLOOD SUCKERS - Suicide (Tiger)
MYSTERIOUS SKIN - Who Cares (Self-Released)
NARCOLEPTICS - Headache (Self-Released)
FASSBENDER - Kurtz (Self-Released)
CLOSE TO THE EDGE - In Plain Sight (Self-Released)
HOUNDS OF HATE - Wages of Sin (Braddock Hit Factory)

More material from new demoes by D'Arcy
SUICIDAS - Mentiras (Self-Released)
KONTATTO - Ogni Gionno Di Memo (Agipunk)
CRUSTANUNE - Krvarama Som (Self-Released)
FEVER - No One Fights Like Us (Self-Released)
SICK MARK - Not your Ally / Detest (Self-Released)

Demo feature from this new band out of Montreal. You can download the recording at

PARASYTES - Blinded (Self-Released)
PARASYTES - Burning Down the city (Self-Released)
PARASYTES - Melting Brain (Self-Released)
PARASYTES - Bloodsucker (Self-Released)
PARASYTES - Out on the Street (Self-Released)
PARASYTES - No Rules (Self-Released)

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