Sunday, January 4, 2015

Radio - Sunday, January 4th, 2015

We started off the show with the studio 3 session that was recorded with Farang. Ever wonder what Black Flag and the Minutemen sound like if they were one band?

FARANG - Psychic Bruise (CIUT)
FARANG - Interview (CIUT)
FARANG - Ear of the Bull / If you're not now you never were (CIUT)
FARANG - Interview (CIUT)
FARANG - Constrictor (CIUT)
FARANG - Interview (CIUT)
FARANG - Woggle (CIUT)
FARANG - Interview (CIUT)
FARANG - Jampacking (CIUT)
FARANG - Interview (CIUT)
FARANG - Gumboots - Maximum Taxiderm - Let's Kill (CIUT) 

The holiday season had us jam packed with programming so we squeezed in the top ten for last month

December Top 10 2014
10. PISS - Puke on the Patriarchy (Self-Released)
9. KOWARD - Only the Dead (Side Two)
8. THE COMBAT ZONE - Fed up (Side Two)
7. DIE - Exterminate (Sonic Terror Discs)
6. AJAX - Security (Even Worse)
5. CIRCLE FLEX - The labyrinth of a black slot
4. DAMAGED HEAD - KangBang (Adult Crash / Man in Decline)
3. GOVERNMENT FLU - Crime Scenes (Refuse)
2. GILLOOLY - Blank Stares of State (More Power Tapes)
1. LOW THREAT PROFILE - Anther Day of Failure (Deep Six / Draw Blanks)

There was a great scene report on Slovenia in the November issue of MRR. So I thought about those scenes behind the Iron Curtain that existed despite the additional challenges and thought we could look at these formerly occupied countries that had punk scenes as a regular feature. So we got started with a look at Slovenia. Here is the first segment of "Notes from Behind the Iron Curtain - Slovenian Scene Report". 

Panktri - Lublana je bulana (SKUC)
92 - Slep (Self-Released) 
Cao picke - Vsi se mamo fino (SKUC)
Berlinski Zid - Preporod (ZKP RTVS)
Lublanski psi - TV (ecerna revolucija) (ZKP RTVL)
Indust-Bag - 100db
Paraf - Morao sam ici (FV Music)

Tozibabe - Lutke (FV Zalozaba)
Sund - Komisija za šund (Radio Student) 
Kuzle - Ti si zvezda (Dallas)
U.B.R. - Frustracja (Attack Punk)
Depresija - Suženj Sistema (Self-Released)

Some websites for finding this classic Slovenian punk are:

Demo Feature
TRIAGE - Triage Theme (Self-Released)
TRIAGE - Everyday in the Hell (Self-Released)
TRIAGE - White Eyes (Self-Released)

You can download the entire demo at bandcamp. There are three more songs that didn't make it on the show. You can download the entire show here

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