Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the Suicide Dates studio 3 session

This could possibly be the last time this group of individuals gets together. The band is called the Suicide Dates and is a makeshift band of mostly Career Suicide members playing with the original singer from the Dream Dates to do Dream Dates songs. The group has gotten together in the past to play release shows of the Dream Dates singles that have come out and this time is no different. On the eve of the official release of the third single from the 1979 recordings Greg Dick has pulled these guys together. They agreed to record a session for CIUT. The players who make up this band are Greg Dick who was the original singer of the Dream Dates and has since played in the Texas Dirt Fuckers and currently sings for the Ugly. On guitars you have John Sharron from Brutal Knights, Union of Uranus, Chokehold fame and Jonah Falco of Fucked Up and Scare Tactic fame. On bass is Martin Farkas of Career Suicide. On drums is Brian Christopher of the Sinisters. We packed into a sweaty Studio 3 and raced through a set of double and triple takes on a load of covers and a handful of Dream Dates originals. Greg Dick can stomp like a a punk rock Tom Connors and Brian plays like Dave Quinton doing his Keith Moon impersonations. John Sharron is cracking jokes the whole time lightening the mood and Jonah and Martin bring their enthusiasm for the material. It is a chemistry difficult to match. They jokingly described themselves as Van Halen playing Crass' gear. Have a listen to the recording on the songs below:

1. First time
2. Heart attack rhythm

3. The mess your in
4. Come On
5. Tallahassie lassie
6. Surfer Joe
7. Slash your face
8. Search and destroy

9. Kissin' cousins
10. Moans on the Phone
12. EXD ID

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