Monday, March 12, 2012

Radio - Sunday, March 11th, 2012

Hear tonight's show here.

P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. - You ain't the One (Doomstown Sound)

THE VAPIDS - Gimmie gimmie your brains (Goblin)
THE CROISSANTS - Braindead airhead (Sacramento)
THE PIZZAS - Rock 'n' roll radio (Sacramento / Phono Select)
THE RIFF RANDALS - Ladies First (Self-Released)
DREAM DATES - Moans on the Phone (Ugly Pop)
CRASH KILLS 5 - It's Always There (Ugly Pop)

BETERCORE - man you suck (Karate core)
CRACK IN THE WALL - You're scum (Self-Released)
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? - Existence or Conquest (625 Productions)
SHAOLIN JAPP - Satan equals love (Self-Released)
CHARLES BRONSON - Obligatory jock slaughterhouse song (625 Productions)

APATIA NO - Robots de primer mundo (Noseke)
LOS CRUDOS - 500 anos (Lengua Armada)
ENDPROGRAM - Not Enough (Self-Released)
DEATHREAT - Out of sight out of mind (Partners in Crime)
MUCH WORSE - Speed intentions (Pass Judgement)

FUCK RIGHT OFF - DRI weren't wrong (Birmingham)
AGENT ORANGE - Blood stealers (Self-Released)
DEATHSKULLS - Punk my arse (Infested)
DEAD NATION - Payback (Self-Released)
ENDZWECK - Flower Bouquet (GMC)
DAMMIT HONEY - Discrimination (Self-Released)

RAD - Geekanomics / So say we all (Sacramento)
DRI - Reaganomics (Death)
SUICIDAL TENDENCIES - I shot the Devil (Frontier)
FRATRICIDE - Grave (Ugly Pop)
DEATH CRISIS - Problem reaction solution (Too old to die)

CHEST PAIN - Infinit meaninglessness (Self-Released)
DS-13 - Fuck the cops (Busted Heads)
CODE 13 - Hardcore for the kids (Havoc)
CRIPPLED MONGOLOIDS - Mongo in the pit (Self-released)
FURIOUS - Skate Therapy (Self-Released)

TOMMA HANDER - Fjarrkontroll (Graphals / Henke Bolla)
STRANGE ATTRACTOR - We're a Drugie Family (Red Lounge)
SCHIZOPHASIA - Salvage (Streak)
GAS CHAMBER - Prono (Warm Bath)
BIG HANDS - Panic Attack (Graphals)

CROM - Swords and sandals (Underdogma)
CRUCIAL ATTACK - Take it Back (625 Productions)
FUNEROT - De-liver-ed (Self-Released)
BOXED IN - That old chestnut (Crime Scene)
MK-ULTRA - Killing for college money (Coalition)
NIGHT BIRDS - Oblivious (Firestarter)

GAG ORDER - I Don't Like You (Self-Released)
DIRTY NUNS - No Way Out (Self-Released)
THE RATZ – Stepping out of line (Kink/That Lux Good)
KNIFE IN THE LEG - Pervert Haters (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)
SVARTENBRANDT - Nueller Aldrig (Graphals)

Demo Feature
DIRECT APPROACH - Unaffordable (Self-Released)
DIRECT APPROACH - Eyes wide shut (Self-Released)
DIRECT APPROACH - Defined by nothing (Self-Released)
DIRECT APPROACH - What did we do (Self-Released)

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