Friday, March 2, 2012

The Dream Dates "Surfer Joe" 45

Here’s the third single by this little known Hamilton band that existed in 1979. Just when you thought the well ran dry, Ugly Pop offers up two new covers of unreleased material by the DREAM DATES.

The A-side is a cover of the band that brought you “Wipe Out”. “Surfer Joe” was a single by the SURFARIS in which “Wipe Out” was the B-Side. How crazy is that? The B-Side is a cover of the 50’s rocker Freddy Cannon who was inspired by Chuck Berry. “Tallahassee Lassie” was his first single and it suits Deemer’s guitar sound which channels Chuck Berry and Gord Lewis simultaneously.

The inner sleeve has a new photo of the DREAM DATES that I have never seen yet and exhibits the rockabilly meets glam punk that was influencing the scene at the time. This is a great addition to the DREAM DATES canon. (Ugly Pop Vinyl -

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