Monday, March 26, 2012

Radio - Sunday March 25th, 2012

Here is Sunday March 25th's broadcast for Equalizing-X-Distort. Excuse the dead air after the opening song. We had an unexpected technical problem with the mixer for the Gang Green song which is why we went to a Dead End song unexpectedly. WE have more problems with the mixer later on with D'Arcy's first set but eventually teh bigs get worked out and we played loads of new hardcore and old punk and we featured Crash in our demo feature. Have a listen to Sacrifice doing a Rush cover or Propagandhi doing a COC cover.

TOO MANY DAVES - Awesome town (ADD)

DEAD END - A Subversive Pool (Self-Released)
WRECKLESS ERIC - Whole Wide World (Rhino)
DRY HEAVES - I can't puke (No Exit)
PRIVATE SCHOOL - I wanna Know (No Exit)
LOWLIFE - White Lightening (No Exit)
PUFFY AEROLAS - Psychomania (Hozac)

FRONT LINE - Quaker's Meeting (Beach Impediment)
GANG GREEN - Kill a Commie (Modern Method)
ROACH MOTEL - My dog's into anarchy (Florida's Dead)
CRUDE SS - Sick Pleasure (Create your own life)
MOSKWA - Decyduj sam (Anarchia) (Warsaw Pact)

FOOT KLAN - I wish I were kidding (Self-released)
BAD BRAINS - The big takeover (Roir)
DOA - Fuck You (Sudden Death)
EBENEZER AND THE BLUDGEONS - Oh I love this weather (Redrum)
DEAD BOYS - Sonic Reducer (Sire)

SUDOR - El futuro es de los viejos (Beat Generation)
THE EVAPORATORS - Hot Dog High (Mint Records)
THE NARDS - Nuclear Mom (SAC)
SOCIAL CIRCKLE - Security Force (Side Two)
NEO CONS - Kill the Police (Abscess)
CEREMONY - Community Service (Matador)
SELF-INTEREST - Edify (Pass Judgment)

DESPERET - Suicide Attack (Self-Released)
BLOOD MOBILE - Drug related death (KBD)
NIGHTSTALKERS - Spit on my grave (Who cares)
SUBURBANITE - Grateful nation (Youth Attack)
PANICS - I wanna kill my mom (Gulcher)
DEVIL DOGS - Tattooed apathetic boys (Helter Skelter)
TEENGENERATE - Tear me apart (Estrus)
SIKE - Boy (Self-Released)
DIE! - You give me a headache (Equality)

SACRIFICE - Anthem (War on music worker co-op)
ATTENTION - Greetings from Dufferin Grove Park (Square Up)
PROPAGANDHI - Technocracy (War on music worker co-op)
HYPE - Pseudo Punk (Reuben Kincade)

ASPIRIN FEAST - World of Shit (Piss Poor)
THE VORDS - Enough (Dr. Strange)
THE CHOSEN FEW - Jokes on Us (Dirty Dog)
SHARED WOMEN - Circles (Rotted Tooth)
FREAKS - Wire Castle (Mangrove)
SLANG - Life made me hardcore (Straight Up)
TERMINAL STATE - Punxploitation (Hate the 80's)

Demo Feature
CRASH - A pair ungrown (Post present medium)
CRASH - Piece of the pie (Post present medium)
CRASH - Cult merch (Post present medium)

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