Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Valley Boys studio 3 session

Matt Hitch was just on the show, guest hosting. Matt sings and plays guitar in the Valley Boys. This is his band. He is the only constant that has followed this band through their earlier incarnations. You may also know Matt as the original bassist in the School Jerks. He has pulled together a solid line up of stand up musicians in the punk scene which include Jon Sharron of Hassler and Jimmy Vapid of the Vapids. Kalle Malloy is a long time friend of Jon and this was the first time I have seen him in a band, but he is a good drummer and a good guy.

It was a bit of a catch up session with each other as we swapped releases and talked recordings and releases and other things that music nerds wrap themselves up into. It took a while to get the session started but we were able to record 13 songs which included a cover of the pre Poison Idea band Imperialist Pigs and a punker versions of a Modern Lovers song. The subject of the songs look at a variety of issues which demonstrate causes for concern and make for great punk songs. In addition the band wrote a couple of IDs for the station and the show in the studio. We also recorded an interview after the session. The session was recorded and mastered by Jon Hawkes and the songs are:

1. Drone Attack
2. Shooting Politicians
3. Side Effects
4. Copsucker Blues
5. Rich Kids
6. Modern World (Modern Lovers)
7. Auto Pilot
8. Feeding Time
9. Feel Like Shit
10. Cherub Face (Imperialist Pigs)
11. Pills
12. Fired
13. Eyes of Fire
15. EXD ID

This session was also caught on video tape by Aldo Erdic for Punks and Rockers. Here are a few of the songs above made into a medley...

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