Monday, March 4, 2013

Radio - Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Tonight's show featured Matt Hitch in as a guest host because he is up here to record a studio 3 session with the Valley Boys. Matt is also in the School Jerks so we started off the show with a School Jerks song.

SCHOOL JERKS - Why ask why (Bad Vibrations / Grave Mistake)

This week I got in a book titled the "Encyclopedia on Swedish Punk" and I tracked down a MISSBRUKARNA release that made me think of Bad Brains classic "Pay to Cum", so the first set is built around that.

SNFU - Strip Search (Rubber)
MISSBRUKARNA - De nakna och de doda (Forasaljud Fods)
ABSURDO - Nunca es tarde (Self-Released)
BAD BRAINS - Pay to Cum (Caroline)
S.H.I.T. - Regulator (CIUT)

This is Matt's first set

OMEGAS - Nazi Rules(Painkiller)
IMPERIALIST PIGS - Live pigs (Fatal Erection)
HASSLER - Amoral (Beach Impediment)
WILD CHILD - Bogged Down (Fashionable idiots)
SWINEHEAD - Girl Cops (Ken Rock)

The EATERS song is amazing in Ivan's set

OUT COLD - Just because (Acme)
INSERVICIBLES - Yo no e (Shogun)
CRAZY SPIRIT - They Sleep easy (Toxic State)
AGENT ORANGE - Dogs (Kangaroo)
EATER - You (the Lable)
CRASH KILLS FIVE - What do you do (Ugly Pop)

Matt starts out with TERMINAL STATE

TERMINAL STATE -Panic Attack (Hate the 80s)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Steet Prowler (Slasher)
YAHMOS - Letterbomb (Sunday indicut)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - Too many lies (Bad Vibrations)
VILETONES - Rebel (Man's Ruin)

A number of re-issues came out last month so here is a set of some of these renewed releases.

ASTA KASK - TV'n (Prank)
POISON PLANET - Bible Stories / Outro (Offside)
FORWARD - Burn Up (Prank)
PELIGRO SOCIAL - 20 Anos (Tankcrimes)
POLITICAL ASYLUM - Flight of Fancy (Boss Tuneage)

GRABBIES - I wanna be blind (Fashionable Idiots)
OUT WITH A BANG - Fucked Up (Criminal IQ)
KREMLIN - Anti-Septic (Hardware)
CHICKENHEAD - Smash & Grab (Recess)
ELECTRIC VOMIT - Treasure Hunt (Garbage Bag)

LOS CRUDOS did a reunion show in Chicago this weekend. The NUKES played with them.

LOS CRUDOS - Neciste con Voz / Migra Violencia (Lengua Armada)

THE NUKES - Creep / Pretentious (Self-Released)
DISTRACT - Organized (Self-Released)
STRANGERS - Closet case (Self-Released)
LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS - Eel goo (Self-Released)
HAKA -Alone (Self-Released)

CRUCIAL UNIT - Five inches of Oppression (Six Weeks)
TERMINAL YOUTH -Don't Step in the Nationalism (Rich White Kids)
ZERO BOYS - high Places (Nimrod)
SUCKED DRY - Arachnophobia (Pass Judgement)
KREMLIN - Fanatics (Hardware / Bad Vibrations / Beach impediment)
SUBVERT - What does it mean (Hippycore)
CHEAF DRUGS - Overall (Fortyweight)
BASTARD - To the Stumped underdogs (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is from Vancouver and features Aaron Brown of BRADY'S PROBLEM and Generation Annhilation. The recording was done by Adam Payne of One Blood. They do a SKEPTIX cover.

ALL OUT PANIC - Ivory Tower (Self-Released)
ALL OUT PANIC - Don't Need to Hear It (Self-Released)
ALL OUT PANIC - Victims (Self-Released)
ALL OUT PANIC - Cost of Living (Self-Released)
ALL OUT PANIC - Pathetic Existence (Self-Released)
ALL OUT PANIC - Traitor (Skeptix) (Self-Released)
ALL OUT PANIC - Pig (Self-Released)

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