Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Purity Control studio 3 session

Purity Control are a hardcore band from Toronto that has been around in various incarnations since 2010. In their early incarnation they recorded two demos which are hard to find now. But over the last two years they solidified the line up with Payson being the original member. He is the singer. Brandon, who also plays in S.H.I.T. plays bass and he reminds me of Eric Wood from PHC, MITB, bastard Noise fame. He plays the bass like Woody in a very possessed sort of manner. Max, plays drums in Abyss and technically reminds me of someone as great as Dave Whyte from Discodrance Axis, East-West Blast Test fame. Derrick, the guitarist is one of the most dramatic elements of the band. Live he nevers faces the crowd but his guitar is constantly swinging wildly and you wouldn't want to be anywhere near him on a stage.

The band is most often described as a power violence band and most often to Infest, although I would have to say they remind me more of Crossed Out if I were to compare them to any of the original cannon of that classic west coast sound. The band grew up on newer school power violence bands like Charles Bronson and Max has a seemless tradition into blast beat paces that are awe stricking to watch and hear.

Payson writes interpretive lyrics born out of the Summer of Revolution and made into a genre through labels like Ebullition. His lyrics are inspired by real life and usually around omse sort of failure or disappointment so the experience is about anguish and pain.

The band members have a shared foundation and love for Left for Dead although that never comes out in the sound.

This line up has recorded two eps, one which came out on High Anxiety, and one that they self-released. The band recorded both eps in Studio 3 along with five new tracks. Also found below is an interview in three parts and some IDs for the show and the station. This session was recorded by Jonathon Hawkes. Here is what was recorded:

1. Remote Viewing
2. Taking Control
3. Holy Hell
4. Sympathy Pains
5. Walking Distance
6. Sex Life
7. Heart Sick

8. Bite Marks
9. Separation Anxiety
10. Light Pollution / Mock Suicide
11. Gag Order
12. Insect Politics
13. Swallowing
14. Brat Fucker
15. Body Horror
16. Stock Options
17. Bedroom Eyes
18. Dear Life
19. Second Sight
21. EXD ID
22. Interview, part 1
23. Interview, part 2
24. Interview, part 3

Aldo Erdic of Punks and Rockers videotaped the session and put together an editted version of the session that you can see below.

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