Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mature Situations "Old Hands" ep

This is a project band with Chris Colohon of LEFT FOR DEAD fame doing a geezer band incognito with the help of some other scene veterans. Some of this reaches back to Chris’s love for bands like SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS and MENACE, so there are a couple of oi sounding songs like “Scooters on the Streets” and “These Old Hands”. These are offset but a couple of ripping fast hardcore songs. The songs are all written from the perspective of someone who is old and I am talking much older then the participants. Think of the dirty old man skits in Jackass and that is the same idea. They use a take off on the DEAD KENNEDYS “Plastic Surgery Disaster” album in which they replace the hand of the famine stricken kid’s hand with an old woman’s hand. And Jello is getting gang raped on the back cover in a pit shot. They even adopt the pink script font found on that DKs album. Details were considered for the design. Anyway, this is a neat little project band to come from Chris Colohon’s workshop. (Deranged Records – 2700 Lower Road / Roberts Creek, BC / V0N 2W4 / Canada)

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