Monday, October 4, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

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LA PLEBE – Jaulas (Koolarrow)

BROKEN BONES – Persecution (Dem Bones)
LEGION666 – Broken Vows (Schizophrenic)
LIMB FROM LIMB – Relentless Torment (No Options)
DUSGUST – Natural born Armies (MCR Company)

GAUNT - Solution (Snap Crackle Punk)
DWARVES - Drug Store (Sub Pop)
QUINCY PUNX - Darby was a Martyr (THD)

NEW BOMB TURKS - Sharpen Up Time (Bag of Hammers)
CRIMINALS - CST Bitch (Rhetoric)

SSD - Glue (Taang)
INSURANCE RISK – Choke On It (Crucial Response)
BROTHERHOOD – Won’t Turn our Backs (Crucial Response)
BORED STIFF – Your Face (Unreleased)
VACANT STATE – Internal Conflict (Deranged)

STANDELLS - My Little Red Book (Tower)
THEM - I Can Only Give You Everything (Parrot)
SONICS - Strychnine (Norton)

ZOMBIES - I Got My Mojo Working (Parrot)
THE WEE FOUR - Weird (Teenage Shutdown)

AARITILA – Ihmisyyden Hapea (Feral Ward)
UNRULED – Clear the Pigs Out (Schizophrenic)
HZERO – Adicted (Sell Our Souls)
HERTYS – Ostovoimaa (Not Enough)
DISKELMA – Nihilist Statement (Kamset Levyt)
POISON IDEA – Subtract (Taang)

NOMEANSNO - I Don't Care/Glad All Over (Kirbdog)
F.Y.P. - Allergic (Recess)
CAREER SUICIDE - Dicta Flag (Schizophrenic)
JAWBREAKER - Caroline (Piggly Wiggly)
BLUE DEMON - Hot and Heavy (Schizophrenic)

UBER – Assassitat per la Creativitat (Sell our Souls)
SCHOOL JERKS – Guestlist (Cowabunga Records)
LOST BOYS – Keep Your Smile (Self-Released)
MINUS APES – Nothing is Nothing at All (Thrashbastard / Inge’s Revenge)
GOVERNMENT WARNING – Safe and Sound (Grave Mistake)

Demo Feature
LEPROSY – No More Warfare (Self-Released)
LEPROSY – Dead Soldier (Self-Released)
LEPROSY – Bring Out Your Dead (Self-Released)
LEPROSY – Atomic Age (Self-Released)
LEPROSY – Capital Punishment (Self-Released)
LEPROSY – Collateral Damage (Self-Released)

FLATBUSH - Dear Uncle Sam (Koolarrow)

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