Monday, October 25, 2010

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thanks to all those who pledged to keep CIUT on-air. And thanks to Bennett Phillips and Positive Paul for coming in to help come on-air and answer phones. We just made our goal. The radio station wasn;t recording the show so we don;t have a download for this one. You missed some neat clips reviewing the past six months and you missed a number of world premiers for local material not out yet.
URBAN BLIGHT – Absolute Power (Static Shock)
VACANT STATE – Vile (Deranged)
CRITICAL CONVICTIONS – Hardcore Sick (Self-Released)
NO PROBLEM – Gimme Reasons (Handsome Dan)
BATTERED WIVES – Lovers Ball (Bomb)
DIODES – Disturbing Moments (CIUT)
MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS – Daytripper (Live)
MAR-TEKS – Don’t Take (Astray)
REAL KIDS – Better Be good (Norton)
REIGNING SOUND – Stormy Weather (In the Red)
GUNNAR HANSEN – Phil’s Song (Schizophrenic)
THE KIDS – Do You Wanna Know (Atomium)
CHRONIC SUBMISSION – Kill the Press / Pantyhose / Plastic Punk / Street Car Windows / Baby Killer (CIUT)
TOTAL TRASH – No York (Self-Released)
BLACK FAXES – Upon the Vine (CIUT)
SNAKEPIT – Hipsterectomy (Self-Released)
MINIMUM WAGE – No Way Out (Self-Released)
TYRANNA – Back Off Baby (CIUT)
R.A.M.B.O. – Assholes are Heroes (CIUT)
PLANET DANGER – Searching for Answers (Self-Released)

PLUS MINUS – (Self-Released)
LEPROSY – No More Warfare (Self-Released)
MOTHERFUCKERS – Classless Society (Handsome Dan)
SUDDEN IMPACT – Freaked Out (Marquee)
LEGION666 – Mass Hysteria (Schizophrenic)

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