Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sick of Shit studio 3 session

Sick of Shit are from Hamilton. Earlier this year Schizophrenic released their first ep titled "Fuck You Volume 1". The artwork of the cover is done by Darren Cosgrove. The band tells us the story of how that came about in an interview we did after this session. The band Nate and Grant who have been into the station before with the band Gunnar Hansen and Black Eyes Club. These two guys have been in a handful of other bands from Hamilton which include Sonicrime and Dismantle. Adam is originally from Georgetown before moving to the Hammer but he played in a band with the guys from Wretched Fools. Ian Wilkinson recorded this session and he recorded the following songs:

1. Time's Up
2. Second Coming (Battalion of Saints cover)
3. Damage
4. Eyes of the Hated
5. Saving Grace
6. Brain Drain
7. Lifestyles (Poison Idea cover)
8. Hidden Hand
9. Drugs
10. Success
11. Blackened Skies
12. Play the Victim

The band also recorded a station ID and a show ID.

Punks n Rockers has a video of the session available:

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