Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Blank Stares studio 3 sessions

Blank Stares are a new band that features some people who have played in other bands and moonlight in some other bands. Taras was the drummer in Riot99 and City Sweethearts and was the person who set up this session. Tara is originally from Edmonton and played in a well known band called The Glory Stompers before moving to Toronto. Well it turns out that the keyboard player, Andrew, is originally from Edmonton but they only found out in the interview afterwards. Andrew also plays in Century Palms and brings a real new wave element to the sound. The band's ring leader, Travis, played in Terminal Licks and had guest-hosted a tribute show to Vassil who he played in Terminal Licks with. Vassil played in City Sweethearts so Vassil seems to be a common denominator between Taras and Travis. Mikey is the bass player who plays in First Base and runs Hosehead Records. Mikey shares a love for the Undertones with Travis and all these little things are what helps build the chemistry among the players and makes this band work.

It was Travis's birthday so the band held a little surprise celebration.

We recorded the following songs:

1. I've Been Trying
2. Lonesome Nights
3. Summer's Here
4. Sirens
5. Dark Ages
6. Won't Wait
7. Forget About Me
8. Computer Love (Kraftwerk cover)

Blank Stares also did a station ID and a show I. The session was recorded by Ian Wilkinson and videotaped by Aldo Erdic.

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